ma ma is a strategic design studio working with companies and organizations to create sustainable long-term innovation and impact.

Our approach

Three fundamental ideas inform our design practice and collaboration with our clients.

Sustainable impact

We believe strategic design creates sustaining and resilient innovation, which is able to adapt to changing environments and demands, vital for staying relevant, useful and valuable in the long term.

Context is key

We believe understanding contexts and systems is the key to grasping the full scope of any problem and creating meaningful solutions and interventions.

Focus on experiences

To intervene in complex systems, we have to look at the smallest elements of experience: how people interact with things, with each other, and with the world around them—the everyday details of their lives.


We used today’s societal, medical and technological trends to outline the future of medical applications and collaborated in a strategic discursive design project to anticipate future medical products and services.

We helped our client co-create a new company-wide service management experience by introducing a culture of design across all departments.


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“We think in generalities, but we live in detail.” —Alfred North Whitehead