Strategic design aims at creating innovation and sustainable long-term impact. We seek to understand your specific context and the system in which you operate to share that knowledge and experience with everyone.

A shared understanding allows you to uncover leverage points for the biggest impact.


Research and Sense-making

Every day, our world becomes more and more complex.


We help make sense of its complexity by looking at it from a systems level perspective. By involving everyone from stakeholders to users and gathering information about their motivations, needs and experiences, we map the bigger picture so you are empowered to navigate the complex details and retain control.

  • Qualitative User Research
  • Systems and Opportunity Mapping
  • Context Analysis
  • Stakeholder Mapping


Exploring Futures

The challenges of our time call for each of us to rethink the ways our world works.


We think about the future to respond to these challenges. We question the way we think and how things work today by looking at different—and sometimes radical—futures for answers. By co-creating experiential futures through scenarios and artifacts we facilitate discussions about implications, challenges and opportunities.


By unfolding alternative futures we inform your decision making today.

  • Design Futuring
  • Future Signals and Trend Analysis
  • Discursive Design
  • Pockets of the Future


Strategy and Decision-making

Deciding on your goals and where to best direct efforts, time and money can be difficult.


We guide you through your decision-making process by using insights gained from research, exploration and experimentation. Decisions are based on evidence and experience, made transparent and comprehensible for everyone, so you can decide on the right things for the right reason.

  • Design Consulting
  • Design Strategy
  • Ideation Workshops
  • Roadmapping


Design and Innovation​​

Informed by a thorough understanding of challenges, opportunities and dependencies, we design how things work, look and feel. Whether they are systems, digital products, services or interactions, we prototype, test and iterate extensively to meet expectations and needs.


Aided by strategic design, we are able to provide you with resilient solutions, creating sustaining value for all.

  • Digital Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Product-service Ecosystems
  • Design-driven Innovation
  • Experience Prototypes

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“We think in generalities, but we live in detail.” —Alfred North Whitehead